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A message from Trenna, Tina, and Tawnya Meins:

 Wednesday, December 2, 2015 was a day that was marked by horror and has birthed a great sorrow. That day, Damian Meins was brutally and savagely taken from us, in an act of senseless violence. While we continue to seek answers and information, we are aware that ultimately, nothing we learn will bring solace, nothing will make any of this make sense, nothing will bring this amazing man back.

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SAN BERNARDINO—Bishop Gerald Barnes joined San Bernardino civic and faith leaders at a candlelight vigil at San Manuel Baseball Stadium the night after the Inland Regional Center attack. The following are his remarks:

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By Brian St. Clair

 I’ve heard the phrase “too close to home” more in the last few days than I pray I ever will again. My wife and I live in Redlands. She works at a nonprofit in San Bernardino down the street from the center where the recent mass shooting took place.

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In his remarks at the Dec. 7 Interfaith Prayer Vigil at Holy Rosary Cathedral a Muslim Imam speaks directly to the two who killed 14 at the Inland Regional Center.

By Imam Dr. Aslam Abdullah

 In the name of God the most gracious the most merciful, I greet you with a greeting of peace.

 You attacked us on December 2nd and you tried to contaminate the minds of our youth with your nefarious and nihilistic ideology.

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