Year of Mercy
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 “We are very excited about Pope Francis’ focus on mercy,” said Catholic Charities CEO Ken F. Sawa. “Catholic Charities’ mission is centered in mercy and compassion for the poor and those in crisis. The Jubilee Year of Mercy is an amazing opportunity to put the ministry of mercy at the forefront of our Catholic community.”

 A few years ago, Catholic Charities initiated an online donor opportunity titled “Acts of Kindness” specifically for those with the desire to make a direct impact in the lives of the poor and struggling in our local communities. Visitors on the Catholic Charities’ website were welcomed to address the immediate needs of local poor families by purchasing items that would be meaningful to the families in need and the donor.

 In honor of the Extraordinary Jubilee Holy Year of Mercy, this opportunity to engage in the Corporal Works of Mercy has been retitled “Acts of Kindness & Mercy.” The focus is on the immediate needs of poor and vulnerable children, seniors, and families throughout the Diocese. 

 “Every day we help families that require the mercy of others,” said Sawa. “Because of the support of the community, thousands of people come to Catholic Charities each year with despair in their eyes, but leave with the help they need and hope in their heart. Now that is mercy.”  

 Each “Act of Kindness & Mercy” is an opportunity for individuals, families, churches, ministry groups, and others to be a part of ‘mercy in action.’ To make a difference in the lives of others in need, go to the Catholic Charities website at and click on “Acts of Kindness & Mercy.”  

 For more information contact Gloria Chavez-Martinez at (909) 388-1239, Ext. 326.