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 The OCM’s mission is to lead and journey with people into discipleship with Jesus Christ, by encountering Him through the Sacraments and the teachings of the Catholic Church, to impact our communities with faith, hope and charity.

 The OCM’s purpose is to serve the Bishop, provide direction at the diocesan, vicariate, and parish levels, supporting all efforts in the ministry of catechesis. In addition, the OCM provides resources to the catechetical leadership for catechetical faith formation at all levels and ages. In collaboration with the Ministry Formation Institute (MFI) the OCM certifies all catechetical ministers.

 Every year OCM revises its plan of action for the following fiscal year. This planning includes major ongoing programming, new activities, and opportunities for the professional development of catechetical leaders. 

 To respond to the parish objectives regarding local faith formation processes (adult, youth and child catechesis), the OCM provides assistance in comprehending diocesan policies and assessing the needs for the parish faith formation, providing specialized local training for catechetical leaders in the areas of Infant Baptism, Youth and Adult Confirmation, Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA), RCIA adapted for children, marriage, catechist and master catechist certification, and safe environment training (Virtus and Respect Whom God Has Made). In addition, the OCM supports and collaborates with Deaf Ministry and Special Needs catechetical leaders.

 Visit our website for upcoming events at www.CatecheticalSB.org

The Marriage Initiative

Becoming a Marriage-Building Church, So that People’s lives are filled with Hope

 The goal of this initiative in the Diocese of San Bernardino is to become a “Marriage-Building Church” by protecting and advocating for marriage, promoting a comprehensive approach to the ongoing education for the vocation to the Sacrament of Marriage at all stages of life, to create a culture in which Christian marriage education is seen as an integral part of people’s lives in becoming the domestic church.

 It is important to understand that helping couples prepare for marriage is one thing, helping them to stay married is something else entirely. Helping couples to stay married is the main focus of an important set of programs known as marriage education. Christian Marriage education focuses on developing the knowledge, attitudes and skills needed for making wise marital choices and having a successful marriage based on Christian principles. 

 To learn more about our Diocesan Marriage Initiative and how as Roman Catholics we celebrate and practice the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony please visit our website at www.SBMarriageInitiative.org.

Maria G. Covarrubias is the Director of the Office of Catechetical Ministry for the Diocese of San Bernardino.