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 Over the course of the nine workshops 44 participants met the staff of each office and department. Some chose those departments they were most likely to interact with while others chose to attend all nine gatherings. They learned which office to contact depending on their need and met the people they would be talking with or emailing each time a need came up. They learned about the resources that each office and department offers to help our parishes, missions, schools and other entities to address challenges, resolve problems, enrich ministries and to empower one another to live our mission so that people’s lives are filled with hope!

 All new clergy and employees were invited to attend and long-timers benefited too. Several experienced parish staff members expressed their thanks and appreciation. They discovered very helpful information they had needed to know for months or even years.

 Here’s what some of the participants had to say: “Please keep these workshops going…when I was hired…I was not aware and did not know whom to go to when I needed some assistance.” “Thanks! A great source of information & resources!” “I enjoyed learning about diocesan history. Your handouts are very informative.” “Thank you, very well presented!” “Thank you! It was good to meet the person that we (talk with) when we call the Diocese.” “Well organized teams and knowledgeable…gives me confidence in the back-up for us.” “Thank you…very impressed with the organization and quality of each group. Great people, bravo!”

 The program began in September 2012 and ended in June 2013. It will start again in September 2013 and run every month, except December, through June 2014. Clergy and employees who missed a particular department’s presentation during the first cycle will be able to make it up when it comes up again during the next few months. Each gathering begins at 9 a.m. with hospitality and ends at noon with lunch. If demand is sufficient departments may be able to offer a morning session in English and repeat the workshop in an afternoon session in Spanish.

 If you are an employee of a parish, school or the Diocese and you would like to register for any or all of the upcoming meetings, please contact Norma Verdugo at (909) 475-5160 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; or Martha De Jimenez at (909) 475-5104 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

 The schedule is as follows (Some dates not yet finalized):

 • September 13, 2013: Office of the Bishop, Canonical Services

 • October 17, 2013: Administrative Services; Chancellor, Child & Youth Protection, Human Resources, Emergency Operations Collaborative, Statistics & Archives.

 • November 2013: Financial Affairs; Accounting, Parish Assistance, Financial Services.

 • December 2013: No workshop

 • January 7, 2014: Ministry of Educational Services; MFI, Catholic Schools, Campus Ministry, Charismatic Renewal, Evangelization and Adult Faith Formation, Ministry with Youth.

 • February 28, 2014: Pastoral Planning; Construction & Real Estate, Catholic Mutual, Catholic Cemeteries.

 • March 18, 2014: Ministry of Life, Dignity & Justice; Social Concerns, Pro-Life Ministry, Restorative Justice, Justice for Immigrants Catholic Charities.

 • April 2, 2014: Ecclesial Services; Religious & Consecrated Life, Continuing Formation for Priests, Permanent Diaconate; Diaconate Formation, Vicar for Priests, Vocations, Seminarians, Serra House of Formation, Transitions, Pastoral Coordinators & Pastoral Associates.

 • May 2014: Communications; Information Technology, Computer Technology, Media Relations, Diocesan Publications, Mission Advancement

 • June 19, 2014: Apostolic & Ethnic Affairs, Parish Visitations, Hispanic Ministry, Asian Pacific Ministry, Apostolic Groups, Catholics of African Descent, Missions Office, RE Congress, Commissions

Deacon Michael Jelley is Vice Chancellor of the Diocese and Director of the Department of Ecclesial Services.