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 A professed religious for 40 years with the congregation of the Sisters of the Guardian Angel, Sr. Rebecca has taken several roles involving education and faith formation. She taught elementary and high school, serving as a principal in both Sierra Leone and in the United States and has also served as catechist and faith formation coordinator at the parish level. 

 Searching for a new educational ministry, she came across an opening for the Coordinator of Ministries Formation Program (CMFP) coordinator position and was intrigued by the adult faith formation aspect of the program. 

 “The Bishop’s goal in empowering the laity to become leaders in the church has been my goal and my community’s goal. I was interested in being a part of this.”

 She is interested in learning more about the vision and mission of the diocese and working to further the mission through her position. 

 “I think the diocese is unique in having a big push from the Bishop for education and formation of the laity.”

 As the CMFP program coordinator some of her roles include monitoring, evaluating and revising the CMFP courses in the Spanish program. She will monitor the progress of the Spanish speaking participants, recruit and mentor instructors, and be a presenter. 

 Upon her arrival in October, Sr. Rebecca began immersing herself in the program and in the new environment. Currently she is also assisting the English CMFP program, which has helped her in becoming familiar with the program.

 “For me, my own spirituality has grown,” she said. “I have gotten a lot of support from everyone. I feel very welcome.”