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 “We want to be thankful to God,” Bishop Rutilio del Riego said. “That is why you renew your promises today.  You want to renew your commitment to God and to the Church for life.” 

 In his homily, Bishop del Riego shared his and Bishop Barnes’ gratitude toward the deacons for their service to the Church. He recalled the readings for the day, reflecting on trust in the Lord. 

 He encouraged the deacons, their wives and widows who continue to serve in other capacities, to not forget the call while in ministry.  

 “God has chosen us not only for a time, but for life,” Bishop del Riego said. “So it is not that we be only faithful to him for five, ten or 50 years. We need to be faithful to him for life.”

 Sometimes when heavily involved in ministry, one attempts to think we can handle things on his or her own, leaving out God. Prosperity does not exist outside of the plan of God, Bishop del Riego said. 

 Following his homily, Bishop del Riego called on the deacons present to stand and recommit themselves to ministry by renewing their promises taken at their ordination. The wives of the deacons and widows also promised to continue to serve their parish communities and to support the work being done by the deacons. 

 “It’s a wonderful opportunity to reflect on where God is calling us to be,” Deacon Mike Jelley said. “You look at your own life, whether you are a widow, wife or a deacon, think how many lives you have touched and how many lives they have touched. The Holy Spirit does work through all of us.”