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 The show was directed by Eilyn Caballero from St. Paul the Apostle Parish, Chino Hills, while the choir was directed by Father Art Mateo, MSC, from  St. Catherine of Alexandria Parish, Riverside.  Fr. Art’s passion for music makes him a relentless master for glee clubs. He always strives for an effective rendition of songs and in bringing songs to life. 

 Some of the songs performed were “Unang Panahon” (on the deleterious changes made to the environment), songs from the different regions in the Philippines such as “Ania Si Rosas Pandan” (Visayan), Tagalog and Ilocano Medleys.

 Caballero, an acclaimed master instructor of Filipino cultural dances originally from the Northern and Southern part of the Philippines, choreographed the dances. With pride, the dancers perfected the “Singkil,” “Pagapir,” “Kini Kini” from the Morolandia;  “Pakong,” “Ragragsakan” from the Cordilleras, “Bulaklakan,” “Subli” and “Tinikling” among others.

 Children played a prominent role in the production with their songs and dances, especially the popular “Itik-Itik” (duck dance).

 A group of 11 priests also took the stage to serenade the crowd. 

 Proceeds contributed to the honorable missions of the Filipino Ministry of the Diocese of San Bernardino such as medical mission and endowment fund for Filipino priests.