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By Bishop Alberto Rojas

Dear sisters and brothers,

Peace and wellbeing to you and to your loved ones. I’m praying that all of you will have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year full of abundant blessings!

Our Advent journey of prayer, reflection and waiting in anticipation have prepared us to receive the tenderness of baby Jesus’ love into our hearts this Christmas. Once again, we are given an opportunity to reflect and ask ourselves how much we have welcomed Jesus in our lives. As people would ask John the Baptist, what should we do to prepare ourselves better to welcome Jesus, we also ask ourselves.

Many homes are lighted up with beautiful decorations and twinkling colorful lights. Millions of Christmas cards with beautiful words are being sent these days across the world. Children are excited and anxious; they can hardly wait to open their gifts with beautiful shiny eyes and joyful smiles. All these are priceless moments and wonderful signs of something greater and holier.

I would like it to be all about God’s love among us. Our “Emmanuel,” God with us, has truly been with us. Even when sometimes we may not think of Jesus’ presence in our midst, we know that God gave us the gift of his Son so that we may be able to know who we are, enjoy and appreciate the gift of our lives while on earth and in the end have salvation. This is still the greatest Christmas gift of all times!

Dear friends, during this sacred time and throughout the new year, may we remember to constantly welcome Christ through prayer and selfless acts of service to others, especially to those most in need. I wish you a joyful Christmas celebration with your families and a blessed New Year, full of loving moments and lasting peace. Please know that you are always in my heart and prayers.

All peace and blessings to you! Feliz Navidad!