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 About 150 people came to this revival, with ages ranging from two years old to 80. But like Isaiah described in his book 40:1 – 2a, he “gave comfort” to those sitting in the room, he spoke tenderly to them and he emboldened them with the good news so much so that by the time he was done, the people were amazed at how far they climbed; right to the mountain top! 

 The youth took the lead and the adults followed through the events of the night. And on Sunday, everyone from the previous night arrived to complete their experience except those who came down from Los Angeles. 

 The Mass began with Bishop Rutilio del Riego blessing special crucifixes brought from Ghana. We heard a report on November as the Black Catholic history month. The rest of the Mass turned out to be a beautiful Mosaic feast with light liturgical movements entwined with eight different languages used in different parts of the Mass. To God be the glory!

 On January 31 we will be engaging in a dialogue to continue to build a trusting lasting relationship and empowerment of people of African descent in this part of the world. January 18 we will be celebrating our first Martin Luther King Day Mass at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, Ontario at a 3:00pm. All are invited.

 David Okonkwo is the Director of the Diocesan Ministry to Catholics of African Descent.