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 Last year the parish community realized their dream by beginning its journey from Norco to a new worship center in Riverside.

 “Our congregation is very thankful that God has offered us this opportunity and allowed us to fulfill our dream to have a great place to worship Him in His own glory,” said Father John Han, pastor at St. Andrew Kim Parish. “We had many fundraising efforts and also prayed throughout so that we may someday fulfill our dream.”

 The new location, located at 4750 Challen Ave., includes the main church building, a banquet hall with fully equipped kitchen and a school building with fully furnished classrooms and an outdoor playground. 

 Renovations are currently taking place in the main church building to suit the needs of Catholic liturgy and to better represent the Korean Catholic culture.  With an estimated budget of $225,000, the project is just a few weeks from completion. Mass is currently being celebrated in the parish hall.

 “They have completely renovated the sanctuary of the church, adding beautiful architectural elements that make the space appropriate for Mass,” said David Meier, Director of the diocesan Office of Construction and Real Estate.

 While the worship space is not complete, the parish is already seeing signs of a more active parish community. The parish has held more activities and fundraisers and is expanding its Bible study, church counseling services and other programs.

 “Due to various activities and fellowship in our church, our congregation is becoming more united and getting stronger in our faith in God,” Deacon John Kim said.

 The new location has also helped the parish minister to younger parishioners. 

 “It has helped us nurture our youth congregation by providing them with a place to worship and gather to learn about our faith in God,” pastoral leader Park Moses said. “We now offer Sunday school for all grade levels up to 12th grade and English Mass service to our youth congregation.”

Jonathan Lee, a parishioner at St. Andrew Kim Parish, contributed to the article.