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 Provided by Dynamic Catholic, it was a program which focused on our young Catholics, many of whom have left their faith. So many of them are actually our prodigal sons and daughters who have lost their way, feeling so alone, lost, and waiting for someone who reaches out to them. This is what the event was for – to reach out to our families!

 One of the parish catechists, Daniel Rodriguez, answered the call when he brought in more than 30 of his students to the event. There were close to 600 people who braved the inclement weather, and many of them were young. Our Pastor, Father Benedict Nwachukwu, however, said he was surprised by the number of elderly in attendance. “Aren’t we all trying to find our greatness?” I said in response.

 After the event, so many came to us, asking when we will have the next event. Interestingly, it was mentioned by the Event Coordinator from Dynamic Catholic, Ethan Avina, that we are the only parish who has done a Dynamic Catholic event for three consecutive years. 

 At the end of it all, what made it all worthwhile, there were so many wonderful testimonies we have received, and here’s one from a mother and a teacher, who wanted to remain anonymous.

 ......I am a married school teacher with four children. Let’s just say when I was asked to attend a workshop on a Saturday, all I could think about was my “to do” list. However, since my parents generously gave their time and talent to make sure I can attend this workshop, I went.

 When I walked into the church, I was still carrying the cares of my work and family on my shoulders, all of the problems my teens are facing in their culture, how we are going to make it financially this month, and I still have to plan the week’s lesson! I was greeted by friendly volunteers and they handed me a bag of great books, CD, and a journal to write notes in. 

 The journal has different qoutes inside and I decided to open it on a random page. I knew then I was where I needed to be on that day. It said; ‘We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we spiritual beings having a human experience.’

 Wow! So, this is one of those moments when God gives me a quick reminder about who I am.

 Dominick Albano from Dynamic Catholic was very inspiring and practical at the same time. “Finding Your Greatness” is something that every Christian should try to accomplish, because our God is great. His talk gave me hope on how to take baby steps in my spiritual life, like making time to pray at a specific time every day, to make sure I give time for study in order to learn more about my faith, and to share this with the world one person at a time.

 He also shared some practical tips on budgeting and to make sure that we are generous to our Lord who gives us everything we need and have.

 Overall, it’s hard to make time for these events because of our busy lives. However, I was blessed and inspired to carry on as a daughter of God, to find my greatness in my marriage, in my children and in my work.

Meynardo Ascio is a parishioner of Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Rancho Cucamonga.