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 The parish’s annual Thanksgiving feast for the needy was definitely a success. This year the youth were able to provide dinner to about 300 people. The hall was transformed into a beautiful restaurant, one that puts all other restaurants to shame; the kitchen was filled with the wonderful aroma of home cooked food, and in the atmosphere was the unmistakable feeling of love. 

 “It felt good seeing their faces and how happy they were. Helping out made me feel good because I know my help made a difference,” said Ramiro Lezo, a youth volunteer.

 Because of generous donations from the members of our parish, the people in our community who are maybe less fortunate than us know that they are truly loved, and maybe have a little more hope.

 In addition to the restaurant style feast, some of the youth collected donations of clothing, jackets, blankets, and toiletries and set up a free “store” in which the patrons of the thanksgiving feast could go “shopping” for some much needed items.

 It was really a fantastic event. As one lady was leaving she turned to her friend and said, “It was wonderful. The hospitality was just amazing.”