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St. Anthony Parish in Upland found a creative way to support a local pregnancy clinic and to get the word out about the need to oppose the pro-abortion Proposition 1 with their parish baby shower on Oct. 16.

“We planned for a full-blown baby shower – with decorations, games, prizes, promotional information, a pro-life video, cake and fun,” said Lori Muniz, St. Anthony’s Director of Catechetical Ministry, who helped to host the event. Parishioners were invited to donate items such as diapers, infant formula and baby clothes, which would then be donated to Assure Pregnancy Clinic in Fontana. They could either donate the items during the shower or by dropping them off the week before.

The shower began with an opening prayer which asked for the defeat of Prop 1, before a screening of the short pro-life video based on the illustrated book “Angel in the Waters” by Regina Doman, which centers on an unborn baby and its guardian angel.
“Angel in the Water is such a beautiful story that reminds us that our experience of life begins at conception, as well as our experience of God,” said Muniz.

After the video, attendees played some typical baby shower games: “The Price is Right,” “Guess the animal gestation days,” “Guess the number of gumballs in the baby bottle,” “Find the hidden rattles,” “Guess what’s in the dirty diaper” and “Memory Basket.” The shower ended with coffee, cake and lemonade.

“Overall, it was a success. We gathered, we prayed, we addressed a serious social justice concern, we celebrated the beauty of new life, we played, we ate and we built community,” said Muniz.

Proposition 1 will be on the ballot for the Nov. 8 elections. For more information and resources, visit cacatholic.org/prop1.