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By Father Al Utzig

On March 28, the ministry of LGBTQ+ persons at St. Mary Parish in Fontana led a Stations of the Cross in the church for those interested in the issue of life as an LGBTQ+ person in the Church. Nineteen people attended and participated. Some were parents. There were some tears. All found it very moving and a great way to “walk a mile in their shoes,” to see the struggles of our LGBTQ+ people.

With the guidance and support of the “Gifted and Called” ministry in Palm Springs, St. Mary’s in Fontana has started a similar ministry of people who are LGBTQ+. It is a ministry to offer support for our people to serve the whole Catholic community with their gifts and talents because they are called to do so by our Lord. They know that many of our people do not understand them or have a difficult time accepting them as they are. Yet they are called to serve in various ways in the Church and want to answer that call. Please know that this ministry is open to all those who live in the area of Fontana and want to live as active Catholics while being who they are. Just call the office for more information: (909) 822-5670.

Father Al Utzig is Pastor of St. Mary Catholic Church in Fontana.