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From Nov. 10- 12, St. Frances Xavier Cabrini Catholic Church in Yucaipa will host, “Three Days of Miracles: Exhibits and Presentations.” There is no charge for this event and all are welcome. The weekend event will cover three topics, Life after Life, Sacred Cloths of the Passion and Eucharistic Miracles.

Life after Life
What happens when you die? Hundreds of millions have survived close encounters with near death experiences (NDE’rs). Explore personal experiences reported by those resuscitated following clinical death.
Presentations will cover: the scientific confirmation of our souls, what causes NDE’rs to lose their fear of death and profoundly change the way they live their lives and about how consciousness survives bodily death.

Sacred Cloths of the Passion
This topic will include: The Shroud of Turin (Jesus’ burial shroud), The Sudarium of Oviedo (covered Jesus’ head), and The Tunic of Argenteuil (Jesus’ seamless garment).
Using faith, history, and science; explore how the shroud image formed; physical evidence of Jesus’ passion, death and resurrection; the man of the Shroud matches Scripture; scientific links among these three cloths from Jesus’ Passion.

Eucharistic Miracles
Why are consecrated hosts changing into tormented heart tissue in church after church throughout the world today? Explore miracle stories, scientific study, and Scriptural basis for belief in the Real Presence. Vatican Exhibit highlighting 1800 years of miracles was created by Blessed Carlo Acutis - as seen on EWTN.

Presentations: Life After Life 11/10 at 6:30 PM, Sacred Cloths of the Passion 11/11 10:30 AM and Eucharistic Miracles 11/11 5:00 PM and after every 11/12 Mass.
Exhibit Browsing: Life After Life 11/10 from 5:30- 8:30 PM, Sacred Cloths of the Passion 11/11 from 10 AM- 12:30 PM and Eucharistic Miracles 11/11 from 4- 7:30 PM and 11/12 from 8:30 AM - 2 PM.