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 After the Saturday Vigil Mass, approximately 200 parishioners filled the Domas Hall to participate in a wonderful event with music from a local DJ, sing along music, silent auction and door prizes.  It was a family event to show appreciation.  All donations were from the Knights and parishioners.  The funds received from this event will be donated to the church.

 There was food representing different cultures in the church.  There were egg rolls, rice, chicken, Filipino noodles, Mexican food and desert.  It was an opportunity for parishioners to enjoy a variety of well prepared meals. Guests were served by the youth from the parish.  

  Father Joven Junio, MS, Pastor at St. Christopher, expressed his gratitude to the Knights for organizing the event for priests two straight years. However, if there is a choice, Father Joven said he would like to have an appreciation for all the leaders who participated in the ministries of the parish.

 Parishioners at St. Christopher truly displayed the spirit of thanksgiving.  The message, “Let Christ reigns in our hearts,” given by Father Arlan Intal, MS, in his homily for the Saturday Vigil Mass, resonated in Domas Hall as the dinner commenced. 


Van Hoang is a contributing writer and photographer for the Inland Catholic Byte.