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Feast Day frenzy


 Hello, I’m Avery McGraw and I attend sixth grade at Our Lady of the Assumption School in San Bernardino. 

 Each class at our school has a special patron saint. Our sixth grade saint is St. Francis of Assisi.

On his Feast Day, October 4th, my class participated in an activity of growing plants. We did this because St. Francis of Assisi is the patron saint of nature and also because our Bishop Barnes promotes the Care for Creation program. 

 Each student in the class got a choice of two seeds. The first seed was to grow a milkweed plant, which will save the endangered monarch butterfly. The second choice was a wildflower seed, which will save the honeybees. Each student planted his/her own. Then, we each got to take a pinch of our seeds and plant them in our classroom planter! 

 To this day, our classroom plant is continuing to grow with a little bit of water, sunshine and a lot of love! 

 Another opportunity we had was the choice to bring in a picture of the pets we now have, or pets that have passed away. A bunch of people brought in pictures of their beautiful pets. As a class we said a prayer for them. Everybody was so delighted that we were able to bless our pets who make our lives fun! That day was so much fun because we were able to plant seeds to save bees and butterflies, and to bless our beloved, wonderful, and amazing pets. All in honor of St. Francis and the Season of Creation!