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 Many primary classes create art or complete projects using recycled materials. Preschoolers make animal figures with the help of their parents and students in first and second grade construct leprechaun traps, not with new things purchased from a store, but using items found around their home. These fun projects bring families together and teach students about reusing and repurposing items we already have at home. Junior High Science labs are conducted with materials students bring from home, items they already have around the house. This helps teach students that we all can get by with less and we can help save money and the planet simultaneously.

 Students also help the environment by recycling aluminum cans and plastic bottles. Recycle containers are prominently placed around the HRA campus and students are encouraged to recycle cans and plastic bottles brought onto campus. School wide recycling takes place on the first and third Thursdays each month. Led by Student Council, recycle days encourage students to bring in cans and bottles from home to contribute to our recycling effort. Free dress is given as an incentive to participate and the money derived from recycling is used to help purchase classroom supplies.

 In an effort to reduce our footprint on the environment, Holy Rosary Academy’s Junior High is making an effort to become paperless in the classroom with the use of technology. By posting homework and classwork digitally, students are able to complete their work at school or at home and submit it online. Teachers correct the work and return it to the students through Google Classroom thus reducing the overall use of paper throughout the day. 

 By taking care of our planet, students work on one of HRA’s main Student Learning Expectations – “Becoming a Responsible Citizen.” Students are taught that taking care of our planet is everyone’s responsibility and that if everyone in the world would actively commit to reducing waste, reusing items and recycling eligible materials, our planet would be a cleaner and heathier place to live. So won’t you do your part and help us save the earth?