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 In this class, we sew simple dresses for girls all around the world. We have sewn almost 300 dresses to date! These dresses are sent to girls in 82 countries including the USA. The girls who receive these dresses are less fortunate than us and most of them have never even owned a dress. The dresses that we send to them are messages of love and hope for girls who are at risk.

 When these girls each receive their dress, they are told that it was made just for them by someone who loves them and prays for them. We also stitch “Dress a Girl” labels into the dress pockets. When we stitch the label it indicates that the girl is under the care of an organization which could help deter predators. So not only are the girls receiving dresses and prayers, they are also receiving protection.

 We also hand make pocket dolls which are small dolls that are the perfect size to fit into a dress pocket. These are made for the girls so that they don’t feel lonely and they have some form of a toy. While making these dresses and dolls, we realize how fortunate we are. We have been blessed with food, clothing, education, and so much more. The girls getting these dresses have very little.

 My friends and I love what we do in this program. We recognize that our actions show the love of Jesus by helping those in need. We love to help others and we try to sew as many dresses and dolls as possible. We sincerely hope that God’s love will spread through the communities where the girls live. We hope that by our actions, someone’s life may be changed and that they will pass the message of God’s word along.