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 This new film class at Aquinas has already proved to be one of the most popular electives, as students are excited and challenged to create in the film industry using all the available technologies in cinematography, lighting, location, sound, editing, and sound design.

 The short film or video clip that lasts approximately six minutes, is set to the song of “O Come, O Come Emmanuel,” highlighting the idea that God is with us in everything we do and he should be at the forefront of our Christmas season.  The film challenges the ever popular sentiments of Christmas, such as shopping, decorating and parties, and contrasts them with the devastations around the country and worldwide.

 Local filming was done at the Redlands Downtown Christmas Parade and the Riverside Mission Inn and downtown area.  Students also did on-line research and searched YouTube to build content for their video.  While Troy and his students do not in any way criticize our festive Christmas traditions, their goal is to bring a deeper meaning to the Christmas season.  And their film ends on many happy notes.

 The video clip can be viewed here