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 The Soboba Tribal Council began the process last Spring when it voted to recognize the school, which is still seeking accreditation. Since this acknowledgement and the recognition of the school by Bishop Barnes St. Jude has doubled its enrollment.

 The school is not subject to the same enrollment requirements as other Catholic schools in the diocese because it serves a much smaller and more specific population.

 St. Jude had humble beginnings in 2002 when Sister Deborah Reho, MSC, arrived at Soboba to become its first principal. The opening of the school was planned for September 2003, but it was burned in an arson fire. After the fire, community members came together to help and donations provided used modular buildings. 

 St. Jude School opened its doors in September 2004. The school needed to expand and increase its enrollment, as well as receive support and affirmation from the Soboba Tribal Council and the Diocese of San Bernardino. Mrs. Kathryn Piguet assumed the principal position in 2005 and has worked with Fr. Henley to achieve these goals. Together they have dreamed, planned and worked to make this Indian school a reality.

 Fr. Henley and Mrs. Piguet have collaborated with members of the Sisters of the Society of Sacred Heart and Priests, Brother and Sisters from the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart to evangelize and work with the Soboba tribe.