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 I thought I knew the people in my class pretty well. I have known most of them for a fairly long time. When we got there, I hung out with them more than I ever had, since we were “stranded” on an island. I couldn’t believe how many new things I found within these people. I’m glad I got to hang out with them. 

 The first thing you might think when going to Catalina is: I can’t wait to paddle board or snorkel. Catalina doesn’t just offer new physical activities, but also cool labs. We learned about the different creatures in the ocean, what they do to survive, and how they are so important to the world. The way the instructors taught us was fun and we actually remembered what they taught us! 

 Throughout this whole trip I became closer to God. Not only did I find new things in the ocean and in my friends, but I found myself. At the end of our Catalina trip, we renewed our baptism in the rocky shallow shore of the beach. I found that I could make so many different types of friends. I felt God inside of me and knew he was watching over all of us our entire trip. I am so thankful I was able to go on this trip, and experience everything I did.