Our Lady of the Assumption School

About My School

By Khaeryst Estrella
Grade 8

SAN BERNARDINO—My name is Khaeryst Estrella and I am an eighth grader at Our Lady of the Assumption School. I have been extremely blessed to have attended OLA for seven years. I have grown morally, academically, and spiritually these past years because our faculty, parents, and volunteers emphasize the importance and value of being Active Catholics, Responsible Citizens, Life-Long Learners, and Ambassadors of Hope. 


 Life at OLA is stimulating, motivating, and challenging because of our dedicated principal, teachers, staff, and parents. Our teachers are a gift to our school because they offer fantastic learning skills and methods to our students, so that we will be prepared for future grades and classes. They also share their Catholic faith across the curriculum. We have wonderful parent volunteers who assist in the daily activities around the school campus, as well. We at OLA are especially blessed to have two priests and three Sisters of Mercy whose examples in faith assist us in our faith journey. All of these Christian leaders have encouraged me to become a role model for others so that I can bring them closer to Christ.

 During this Year of Faith, we remember that we are all on a faith journey. The Year of Faith has allowed our school to grow deeper in our relationships with God and to start a new journey of evangelization. For example, our classes gather to pray the Rosary every morning as a school to honor the Blessed Mother. We also attend Mass once a week to remind us that we are all members of the Body of Christ. In addition, our middle school students attend Eucharistic Adoration at the end of each month so that we can understand that Jesus is truly and fully present in the Holy Eucharist. At Our Lady of the Assumption, we try our hardest to incorporate the Year of Faith in everything we do.

 As an eighth grader, I am coming to the end of my years at Our Lady of the Assumption. However, I will always remember the experiences I have shared and the valuable lessons I have learned here. On June 1, I graduate! I will be looking forward to the next step in my life with hope and confidence because of the firm spiritual and educational foundation I have received during my years at OLA!