Bishop Alberto Rojas
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Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We have received news of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in the Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health case that effectively overturns Roe vs. Wade, the 1973 decision that legalized the termination of a pregnancy up to minutes before birth. We rejoice at this decision of the Supreme Court because it is an affirmation that every precious life created by God should be protected under law. So many millions of lives have been extinguished under the shadow of Roe vs. Wade these past 50 years.

Let us take this moment as a Church to continue to show our compassion and support for women, children, and families. This Supreme Court decision is not an occasion to gloat or condemn others, it is a time to affirm God’s gift of life to all.

Even as we welcome this news at the federal level, we are greatly concerned by the response of our State of California’s political leaders to expand the accessibility and availability of abortion here. They are even proposing a State Constitutional Amendment to enshrine the right to abortion on demand. As faithful citizens we must raise our voices against this proposed amendment! We are called in our Baptism to protect life at every stage. This is such a moment.

Finally, let us be mindful that abortion is a divisive and emotional topic, both in society and even within our Church. We may find ourselves confronted by those who do not share our views. Please remember that our reverence for human life and dignity compels us to treat all our brothers and sisters with respect, even if they struggle to accept the teaching of our Church on abortion. In the spirit of the current Synod, let us listen to each other and journey together, even on the most difficult roads.

My prayers are with you in this moment of gratitude to God and continued commitment to life.

In Christ,
Bishop Rojas