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Twelve men tell their stories as they prepare to be Ordained

By Malie Hudson

 On August 24, Bishop Gerald Barnes will ordain 12 men as one of the largest diaconate classes in the Diocese’s 41-year history. 

 The deacon candidates come from diverse backgrounds and represent four of the six vicariates. As they approach Ordination day, the men reflected on their journey to the Permanent Diaconate.

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SAN BERNARDINO—Nearly a decade ago, Mario and Paola Martinez began what they thought was a temporary job in marriage ministry for the Diocese of San Bernardino.

 They’d work for a few months as Communications Skills Coordinators, helping to mentor married or soon-to-be-married couples. 

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 In January, Brenda Noriega had what she thought was a once in a lifetime experience when she traveled to Panama for World Youth Day, participated in a meeting with Pope Francis and had international dialogue on the engagement of youth and young adults in the Catholic faith.

 But last month, that whirlwind experience largely repeated itself, this time in Rome, when Noriega, Young Adult Programs Coordinator for the Diocesan Office of Young Catholics, served as the U.S. representative at the International Forum of Youth and Young Adults.

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By David C. Okonkwo

RIVERSIDE—Juneteenth was the day African slave workers gained their freedom officially from slavery. As you remember, slavery was the center of the Civil War between the North and South. It was a time the slaves sang about in their “negro spirituals.” Songs like “Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen,” giving them hope while they bore their daily agony in life.

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By Sister Marilu Covani, S.P.

SAN BERNARDINO—”Planning our future. Always forward!”

 This was the theme that about 200 delegates and participants of the National V Encuentro of Hispanic/Latino Pastoral Ministry followed during a General Meeting at Aquinas High School in San Bernardino on May 18. 

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