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 Sister Lucille Martinez, OLVM, applied for the grant on behalf of Our Lady of Hope so the parish could buy Flor y Canto hymnals. She explained that while the music groups in the parish had good liturgical music resources, there was not enough money for books for the assembly. It is her hope that with the purchase of the hymnals, liturgical participation and unity will be enriched, and the overall experience of the liturgy will be heightened.

 The grant received by Sacred Heart parish will be used for a variety of things. Mathew Braun, the director of the 10:30 choir, applied for the grant, and is hoping to purchase some equipment such as microphones or music stands, but he is also looking to host some multi-cultural music-prayer events at the parish. 

 “This parish is incredibly diverse,” he said. “Concerts and special events can bring people together and build community.” 

 Braun said he also hopes to be able to bring in some extra musicians to enhance such gatherings – something the parish would now be able to afford with the extra money.

 OCP’s Parish Grants program arises from its mission statement: “To serve the Catholic Church by providing financial support to be used for religious, educational and charitable purposes, as well as to serve our customers with unparalleled excellence seeking always to anticipate their needs” 

 Any Catholic parish that was not a recipient the previous year may apply. If a grant is awarded, the parish must use the money for liturgical/musical purposes.

 Parishes wishing to apply for a grant may do so on line between February 16 and June 1.

 Simply go to www.OCP.org and click on the heading “Parish Grants.” Recipients are announced each year in July.