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Over the course of two days, Our Lady of the Desert Parish in Apple Valley welcomed Faith Based Communications, a non-profit organization, for a series of presentations and exhibits about miracles, including an exhibit of the Vatican’s International Exhibition of Eucharistic Miracles of the World.

“This was a powerful and moving presentation,” said Father Delwyn Haroldson, CR, Pastor of Our Lady of the Desert. “Some people had tears in their eyes!”

Faith Based Communications founder, Richard Bernatchez, put on a two-day miracles presentation on April 15 and16 with presentations at 8:30 am and 6 pm.

On April 15, Bernatchez presented, “Life After Life,” which was about near-death experiences whereby a person is declared physically and mentally dead, yet the person’s consciousness continues to function providing proof that a person’s soul continues to function, more aware than ever, and on a journey toward heaven, purgatory, or hell. The presentation goes through several reports spanning thousands of years and decades of scientific research.

The April 16 presentation was on Eucharistic Miracles. During this presentation, Bernatchez spoke about the miraculous transformation of the consecrated host into flesh and blood, in places like Lanciano, Italy (750 AD), and Bolsena, Italy (1263 AD). Both occurrences, scientifically tested, whereby the flesh came from a pierced human heart, and the blood proved to be fresh, from a recent death, of the rare AB blood type —the same kind as was found on the Shroud of Turin (the cloth that covered Jesus in the tomb).

Bernatchez and his wife of 55 years live in Littleton, Colorado and have adopted eleven children from throughout the world. After their last adopted child left home, they assembled the Shroud of Turin presentation. Then they put together the Eucharistic Miracles presentation by visiting all the places where Eucharistic miracles have occurred. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they put together the “Life After Life” presentation.

“Richard charges nothing for these presentations and does not ask for donations,” Fr. Haroldson said. “But I told our maintenance person to put a basket for donations at the door because everyone enjoyed his presentations so much, they were very generous.”

Faith Based Communications was established to provide presentations/exhibits without charge to church groups, schools, and religious communities. More information about Faith Based Communications can be found at www.FaithBasedComm.com