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Within the grounds of Sacred Heart Parish in Palm Desert is a new abundant sanctuary called the Garden of Eden that is filled with assorted species of plants, flowers and trees. According to the Gardeners 4 God Ministry at the parish, who initiated the garden’s construction, it is more than just a garden, it is a place to see God in the flowers, the birds, the fruit trees, so that in time, we can see God everywhere we go.

“Walking into one of those Gardens that we plant is like walking into a heart filled with love, and everywhere we turn there is something to remind us of love and our relationship with God,” said Gardeners 4 God Ministry leader Jannette Laulainen, who belongs to the Order of Secular Franciscans (OSF).

The project of planting a garden within the Sacred Heart Parish began in 2023 and was completed in April 2024. On April 13, the newly completed Garden of Eden received a blessing by the parish pastor, Father Gregory Elder. In addition to the blessing, the event included music, refreshments, and information about the Gardeners 4 God Ministry.

“Yes, indeed his little garden brought joy to our community at Sacred Heart Church,” Laulainen said. “A special thank you to Father Elder and Betty Fernandez for supporting us. And to all donors and members for your generosity and support of the vision.”

The Garden of Eden was result of the Gardeners 4 God Ministry’s mission to find the mystical aspects of nature through God’s wonderful creation, to nurture the Garden and to nurture the heart. The ministry hopes that when visitors step into the garden that everything reminds them of God. The garden is intended to be a peaceful area to help parishioners focus on God. A setting where every plant is specifically placed to help one connect closer to God.

“His presence is there, creation never flows without God’s consent,” said Gardeners 4 God member Patrycja Siatokowska. “Even if it’s a grain of sand, it never flows without God’s consent.”

The garden includes various plant species and flowers that have a symbolic representation in the Bible. Such as an apple tree, a fig tree and Lily flowers. The ministry created a pamphlet that describes the plant life that can be found in the garden and what each represents. The ministry hopes the garden will remind its visitors of God’s constant presence in life.

“The main goal is to remind yourself that you don’t have to wait to go into the Garden of Eden to be in Eden,” Laulainen said. “In the long run, it’s a place to help us find God everywhere we go.”