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By Sarah Colella

 Catholic education fosters an incredible sense of community and nurtures the understanding of and commitment to community service. Our Catholic schools provide not only an excellent educational curriculum, but the Christ-centered teaching also cultivates a whole person approach with an emphasis on Catholic values. 

 My husband, David, and I were educated in the Catholic schools of the Diocese of San Bernardino. He attended Holy Rosary Academy and then Saint Thomas Aquinas High School; I attended Our Lady of the Assumption School and then Saint Thomas Aquinas High School. The education we received has been paramount to our success.

 We have recognized the immense sense of community and stewardship shown throughout our Catholic schools. The care, attention, and dedication to teaching with Christ’s example at the forefront are important to us. In a time when religious beliefs are allowed in fewer and fewer public places, they are ever-present in our Catholic schools and this is essential to raising the next generation of leaders who will ensure the principles taught by Jesus are part of the fabric of our communities.

 So, what does our Catholic school mean to us? For us it means that our child is receiving the best “whole person” education available. It means knowing the teachers and staff, personally, because they are always available to discuss our child’s progress and take a direct interest in the success of our child. It means that our child is learning in a safe and healthy environment. It means that we are setting up our child for a bright future.