Life, Dignity and Justice Conference to focus on Catholic Social Teaching


By Sister Chilee Okoko, D.M.M.M.

The 2018 Life, Dignity and Justice Conference of the Diocese of San Bernardino on May 9 will offer another wonderful day of education, information and empowerment. With great joy and hearts filled with hope, we will gather to be educated and enlightened on issues relating to most aspects of Catholic Social Teaching (CST). 

The theme of the 2018 LD&J Conference is “Making our World a Better Place.” It is a fitting theme in our world today where there seems to be so much disharmony, wars, crimes, hatred and discrimination among peoples of different races and creeds. As children of God, the creator of heaven and earth, the Father of all goodness and love, we are called to be good stewards of these many gifts and blessings from God in the world. We are challenged to live out exemplary lives of charity, compassion, reconciliation and forgiveness. 

The conference planning committee has lined up experts and seasoned speakers to present keynote addresses and workshops on topics relating to Respect Life, Social Justice, Healthcare, Restorative Justice, and Pastoral Care, among others. The day will begin with an opening keynote address “One Human Family, Promoting Global Solidarity, Respect for People of all Cultures, Traditions and Religion” presented by Rabbi Hillel Cohn, Rabbi Emeritus of Congregation Emmanu El. There will be eight workshops on the above listed issues and a closing Keynote “Peace and Justice, Key to building a Better World,” offered by the Rev. Clarence Williams, CPPS, PhD. from Columbus, Ohio. 

Also on the agenda is a testimony from a former prison inmate who will share with us her experience of life from within the confines of prison, and her life since she has been released.

There is the opportunity to register for this conference at We are very grateful for the support of our beloved Bishop Gerald Barnes, the other ministries in our Pastoral Center, Catholic Charities, Inland Congregations United for Change (ICUC) and Loma Linda University Health.

The Diocese of San Bernardino through the Department of Life, Dignity and Justice works to create a holy and just Society by promoting the dignity of the human person and the sanctity of God’s creation. 

Sister Chilee Okoko is the Director of the Department of Life, Dignity and Justice for the Diocese of San Bernardino and belongs to the Daughters of Mary Mother of Mercy religious community.