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Dr. Mahbuba Khan, MD
St. Luke Award

 Dr. Khan is a physician working at Riverside University Health System, Moreno Valley. She is known to be very willing and most times available to provide medical care to those who need it most. She has proven her dedication to the medical field and takes joy in working with the community. She has always signed up to participate in providing healthcare services to the community during the health fairs in Catholic parishes since 2017.


Nini W. Dyogi, PhD, MSN, RN, CCRN
Florence Nightingale Award 

 Dr. Dyogi has been involved in providing nursing care in various hospitals and in the education/training of nurses at the college level (Nursing Professor at Riverside City College).

 Nini has worked as a staff nurse, charge nurse, clinical nurse specialist, RN quality analyst, house supervisor and Director of Critical Care Services (ICU and ED).   As a professor, she communicates to her students an attitude of compassion and love in patient care. She teaches them that patients are real people with feelings, fears, anxiety and other emotions, unlike the mannequin the students work with during studies/practice.


Maria Torres
Bishop Award  

 Maria Torres worked for 28 years as a Certified Nursing assistant, 14 as a Restorative Nursing Assistant. As a CNA, she tended to daily routine, hygiene, grooming, and care for the patient’s everyday needs. As a Restorative Care Assistant, she assisted, taught and communicated to restoring the basic life needs of the patient by rehabilitation through physical, occupational and speech therapy. 


Sabreen White, MBA
St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta Award

 Sabreen works with the Riverside University Health System (RSUH) as the Program Coordinator II of the Mobile Health clinic. She has been described as cheerful, dedicated, gentle, respectful of others and most importantly passionate about reaching out to the less privileged and the needy. She is a nurse by profession but has been in the administrative section of RSUH services for several years. She has also been working collaboratively with Loma Linda University Health in organizing Mental/Medical health fairs in the Riverside County parishes of the Diocese of San Bernardino. 


Sister Mary Jo Piccione, S.P.
St. Damien of Molokai Award  

 Sister Mary Jo provides pastoral care to the sick and dying irrespective of their economic, educational, social and spiritual standing. She single-handedly provided spiritual care to patients at St. Mary Regional Medical Center when budget cuts resulted in the termination of almost the entire religious department. She was able to arrange for priests from various churches in the High Desert to say Mass and anoint the sick at the hospital on a daily basis. For that period, Sr. Mary Jo did a job that was previously done by five people. One nomination said her qualification for the award is summarized in one sentence “Her presence brings Christ’s presence.”