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 Already a member of the parish youth group, Katelyn attended an informational evening one Sunday night and joined the parish’s new youth organizing committee, which operates under the guidance of youth ministry and Inland Congregations United for Change (ICUC), a faith-based community organizing non-profit already active in the parish.

 Then, in the summer of 2011, Katelyn joined Maritza Osario, Eduardo Sandoval and Marlene Sandoval (all from St. Catherine’s youth organizing committee) and youth leaders from around the diocese at a week-long Youth Leadership Training program sponsored by ICUC. 

 That fall, the youth organizing committee conducted a survey of their fellow students and began researching around the topic of college prep courses (A thru G) that most universities require. 

 Katelyn and the others presented their research in February of this year at a community action with Mayor Ron Loveridge and Riverside Unified School District Board president Gayle Cloud attended by 170 people.

 Their recommendations included providing additional counselors to meet with students and parents and a tougher high school graduation requirement to assist with entrance into college without requirement of remedial classes.

 Katelyn was nominated along with about 100 other youth of the city and was selected by the Riverside Youth Council to be honored as one of ‘Riverside’s 25 Remarkable Teens.’

 This annual event, according to Mayor Loveridge, “gives us the opportunity to recognize the many extraordinary accomplishments of young people in our community.”