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 “All of you want to be something in life, maybe a teacher, a doctor, a priest or religious sister. The beautiful thing here is that God wants us, in whatever we do, to be happy,” Father Javier Gonzalez told the students.

 The students asked questions like, ‘what do priests do for fun?’ and ‘Who inspired you to be a priest?’ The students were eager to interact with the priests and have their questions answered during the class visits. 

 St. Hyacinth Academy’s Vocations Awareness Day is one of several activities promoted by Fr. Gonzalez, associate director of vocations, to instill a healthy outlook toward vocations by both young and old. He said he hopes to bring this program to other Catholic schools in the diocese. 

 “This is one of the activities planned to help cultivate a spirit of vocations in our schools and parishes,” Fr. Gonzales said. 

 Ending on a high note, the priests and seminarians challenged the seventh and eighth grade students to a friendly basketball game. 

 “It’s a blessing to play with them, have fun and instill in their hearts that serving as a priest is a joy,” said Father Cristobal Subosa, F.I., pastor at St. Anthony Parish.