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 At St. Joseph School we are encouraged to push ourselves and to make everything count. We work on two programs that help enhance our learning called Accelerated Math and Accelerated Reading or AM and AR. In AR, you read a book that has a certain number of points assigned to it. Then you take a test online and depending on how well you do you get AR points. In AM, you get a practice which has a number of objectives. Then you scan on a scantron with the answers to the practice. After you get five objectives you are given a test, and if you need help on an objective you are assigned an exercise. This helps our education.

 My school helps the poor. My class hosted a Senior Citizens’ Thanksgiving Dinner and we dressed up as Pilgrims and Native Americans. The first grade has raffles for the missions. The Student Council puts on other activities such as: teacher pumpkin carving contest and food drives. My school is very involved with the community.

 When I first came to St. Joseph School in kindergarten, I walked in and knew nobody. Over the past seven years, people have come and gone, but the friends I have made here will last forever. My school is a place of growth and learning. It is a place of friendship, laughter, and fun. Nothing could ever replace my school, and it is one of the best schools you will ever find.