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 In October, Notre Dame incorporated a pink polo into the uniform attire to raise money and awareness for breast cancer research. Everyone was able to wear this special polo on Fridays in return for a small donation. The turnout never dwindled through the month, and if you did not know any better, you would think that pink was an official color of our school. Along with the polos, our hardworking ASB members adorned the halls with small pink posters arranged in the shape of ribbons and hearts, with the names of those affected by breast cancer on each. After all fundraising for the month of October was accounted for, our school had raised $1,850.

 In November, the student body continued its role in making a difference with the annual canned food drive, organized through ASB. It was a great success, with each class supplying food from their pantries, and hearts. All food donations benefit those less fortunate, so that they too may enjoy a nice meal.

 With Typhoon Haiyan striking the Philippines, many NDHS students took an active role in raising funds for organizations to benefit the victims. The advocates leading the cause, some of whom have relatives back in the affected areas of the Philippines, are doing their best to raise awareness and money to help the relief effort.

 Every dollar that is donated to the cause helps send special care packages over to the affected areas, and truly make a difference in the lives of all of the victims in the areas hit by the typhoon.

 The relief effort continued into December, and many students are bringing in spare clothes, shoes, and other necessities that the refugees may need during the troublesome times they are facing. As a school, it is hard to believe such a small student body could make such a big difference, but we are grateful that we are all able to help in some way.