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It is an invitation to value our encounter with human beauty and to appreciate our friendship with all creation. 

 In a particular way, “Semillas de Vida” provides the opportunity to express joy, celebration and appreciation to our Creator and the universe; all His creation in all its splendor. Each writing draws us to reflect on the experiences of life, though sometimes simple, and offers us an occasion to give a sense of joy to our journey on earth. The reality of our current world is very complex, even so, it is up to us to strive to exalt the beauty of all that surround us. 

 Each writing contains a mystery found in the colors, shapes, sounds, feelings, emotions and desires that arise from the everyday and fundamental circumstances found in our everyday life. Poetry has the power to transcend the present and manifests a beautiful nuance of our human nature that manages to induce to an inner calm that enlivens the emotions, feelings and desires that help us perceive life with maturity and gratitude. 

 The content of the book does not attempt to permute the character, attitude or emotional condition of the reader, it is written as an invitation to enjoy more intensely the divine, spiritual and human treasure. Reading literature illuminates our thinking and provides us with great opportunities to acquire a broader language to speak with the heart of the realities of the modern world in all its forms and colors. Definitely, the writings of this book depict many of the positive qualities of human inclinations that reveal the captivating of thought, which, when nourished by what has been seen, felt, and heard, become Seeds of Life (Semillas de Vida) that embellish creation.

 Fr. Luis Guido is pastor at St. Louis parish in Cathedral City.