By Van Hoang 

ONTARIO—On Nov. 15, approximately 800 Vietnamese Catholics from seven Vietnamese communities in the Diocese of San Bernardino came to St. George Parish, Ontario for the 8th annual diocesan celebration of the Feast Day of Vietnamese Martyrs.

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 Even with the lay faithful taking a bigger leadership role in recent years, committed service to the Catholic Church has been best personified by those religious priests, brothers and sisters in consecrated life.

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By Andres Rivera
Staff Writer

RANCHO CUCAMONGA—Andrea Erroa practically lived at church. 

 Whether tagging along with her parents in their ministries or serving, herself, in youth ministry and as a confirmation catechist, she was rarely found anywhere else but at church. 

 “Sacred Heart was literally my second home,” Erroa said. “I was always here. I only went home to shower and sleep.”

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Inspired by Pope Francis’ tone of reconciliation, Diocese waives fee for marriage annulment

By John Andrews

SAN BERNARDINO—The Diocese of San Bernardino has joined just a handful of dioceses in the United States that do not charge a fee to those seeking to have their marriage annulled. 

 The move took effect on August 28, the Feast Day of St. Augustine.

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By Kathleen Hurtt

SAN BERNARDINO—International and local Serrans, a lay apostolate for Vocations, presented Bishop Gerald Barnes with a $100,000 check on Oct. 15 to be divided equally over the next four years to draw awareness and outreach toward the planting of the seeds of vocation to the priesthood and religious life.

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By Sister Chilee Okoko, D.M.M.M.

 There has been a lot written and said about the Ebola virus killing and attacking people of several nations in the last few months. The media both here in the USA and in various parts of the world are working hard to disseminate as much information as possible about incidents of this often deadly virus. 

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