—As he sat in the pew at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church on Sept. 24 Edward Price might have felt something was a little out of whack. After all, he usually has a much more hands on role at Mass, serving as a sacristan and coordinator of sacristans at the parish.

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By Andres Rivera
Staff Writer

TEMECULA—Close to 200 diocesan and religious priests serving in the Diocese of San Bernardino took time to spend a week in study, prayer and fellowship at the Priests’ Convocation held in Temecula Sept. 16-19. 

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 Catholic Charities San Bernardino-Riverside is holding 12-week training sessions for its Call to Care program in Riverside, Palm Springs, Indio and Hemet. 

 Call to Care is designed to enhance and improve the knowledge and skills of people in care-giving roles, allowing them to become more effective care providers. Call to Care also provides training and knowledge for those who have a desire to become involved with helping others in a volunteer capacity. Participants learn active listening and communication skills, as well as how to respond to a variety of situations. Special emphasis is placed on the value in taking care of oneself while caring for others.

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By Deacon John Degano

 I got a phone call today from a woman asking what the difference was between two different Marian days being celebrated in the church some three days apart. I explained, “one was her nativity, the second was her most holy name.”

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“We have always lived in poverty, but we cannot live with violence.” 

By Hilda Cruz 

 In recent months we have heard a lot about the crisis of the migrant children and families who have traveled to the southern border of the United States for help. 

 Much of the negative sentiment against those who emmigrate has been voiced through the media, yet little has been heard about the root causes of migration, those factors that drive many to leave their extended family, their home country – basically all that they know. In writing this story it is my intent to put into perspective the motives behind the decision to leave one’s country. 

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By John Andrews

SAN BERNARDINO—Six years ago Sister Sue Reif, O.S.F., was sitting at her computer in the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, New Mexico when an email came through from her friend, Sister Suzanne Jabro, about an intriguing new ministry opportunity in a place called San Bernardino.

 “They’ve got lots of prisons, lots of violence happening and no money,” Sr. Sue remembers with a chuckle, quoting her friend. “They need a Franciscan. You’d be perfect.”

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