PERRIS—The students, staff and faculty at St. James School decided to participate in the annual Thanksgiving Baskets provided for local families through the St James Catholic Church Food Pantry by providing 200 decorated bags packed with “prayers” and goodies” for the children of the families receiving baskets.

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By Randy Plavajka
Grade 12

RIVERSIDE—Here at Notre Dame High School, our student body, faculty, and staff all strive to live our charism of Cor Unum et Anima Una – “one heart, one spirit.”

 Over the past few months we have been doing this to the best of our abilities. From raising awareness to fundraising for worthy causes, our student body is actively engaged in helping the community.

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RIVERSIDE—Our Lady of Perpetual Help School students in Riverside recently hosted a prayer service for Veteran’s and participated in making Christmas cards for our troops in association with the American Red Cross Holiday Mail for Heroes.

 On November 11 a few veterans (parents and grandparents of students) attended a special Veteran’s Day prayer service in honor of all those that serve or have served in the military.

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By Gina Roquet

SAN BERNARDINO—Select your course language study preference:




 This may be an option one day at Aquinas High School, but for now two students are taking advantage of the opportunity to take the Dual Credit Serrano course through Cal State San Bernardino (CSUSB). Serrano is the native language spoken by the the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians. 

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By Karen Evans
Grade 7

UPLAND—At this period of time my school family is very excited. On October 31 of this year, Pope Francis declared Nano Nagle, the foundress of the Presentation Sisters, Venerable. My principal, Sister Mary Kelly, is a Presentation Sister. This event coincided with a project on Nano Nagle that my class was doing. We researched the life and work of Nano Nagle, prepared a handout for each grade, and we showed a video to the classes. The following week we put on a presentation about Nano Nagle, and I was honored by being able to play the role of Nano Nagle. Our project was a great success. 

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SAN JACINTO—Service members gathered at the front of the church on a cool, brisk November morning, parents put last minute touches on the refreshment tables and made sure all the yellow ribbons were secured tightly as the many dozens of American flags adorned the pathway.

 St. Hyacinth Academy’s weekly Mass was ready to begin as Father Cris Subosa and the veterans lined up to process into St. Anthony’s Church. You could hear the children’s choir beginning to sing “America the Beautiful,” their voices in Acappella unison.

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