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By Karen Grozak

 Every single aspect of my family life is JOY! My trek to the World Meeting of Families (WMOF) was to affirm this and inspire others to find the same family joy. Pope Francis made clear at the WMOF that God works through us. Love is our mission and that families should radiate the joy of the Gospel


 Of the many presentation highlights are Rabbi Abraham Skorka of Buenos Aries, Argentina, a longtime friend of Pope Francis who told us that “at no time does Pope Francis try to convert him. He tells me to be the best Jew I can be and Francis will try to be the best Catholic.” On the Joy of the Gospel, Cardinal Sean O’ Malley shared that “beauty and joy are the most powerful gifts we have (as a church) to share. The WMOF Festival represented six families from different continents and their stories will resonate with me for a lifetime. 

 This is a truth; church is a family. Hence, the thousands of pilgrims in a sentimental way was church. And this is a profound truth that changes everything. If success is measured in the impact throughout a diverse populous; this World Meeting of Families is a success. How can we not change within our smaller local church community which we know so well? May you take from this historical event the realization that family life is joy!”

Karen Grozak is the Director of Religious Education at The Holy Name of Jesus Parish in Redlands.